The 1970s

Bengal Bouts: 1970s

Roland Chamblee would have some historic matches with Bill McGrath and Norm Barry. Roland would become the third person to win four Bengal Bout Championships. The last McGrath brother, Pat, would graduate in 1974.

For those dedicated University or South Bend fans whom witnessed each of the bouts throughout the 1970’s, there may be no more memorable night during the 1970’s than the night four national championship football stars squared off in the Finals in 1976. Doug Becker squared off against Jim Browner in the Heavywieght Division, and Ross Browner squared off against Ken MacAfee in the Super-Heavyweight Division.

Not only were these individuals stellar athletes, but they were also talented boxers. A crowd of almost 10,000 rose and stayed on their feet cheering each round of both bouts. Those who were there knew they were witnessing something special. In the end, Doug Becker and Ross Browner were victorious in their respective divisions, but all four contestants went down in Bengal Bouts history as a result of these two legendary matches.

Nappy was all smiles that night. That night also marked the 45th Anniversary of Bengal Bouts. Many Bengal Bouts Alumni and good friends came to celebrate with him for a special post Bout party. It was a truly memorable part of the Bengal Bouts in the 1970’s.