The 1960s

Bengal Bouts: 1960s

Ray Siegfried was a champion in the 1960’s and would later become a close advisor to Nappy and the Bengal Bouts, in addition to being a University leader on many fronts.

In the early 1960’s Bob Biolchini, Jim O’Rourke and Pat Farrell would compete in the Bengal Bouts, only to have their sons follow in their footsteps some 20+ years later. Pat Farrell and his son Chip, now volunteer as Coaches and officials of the Bengal Bouts.

The 1960’s would also see the introduction of another Bengal Bout dynasty: the “Five Fighting McGrath Brothers” from Fenwick H.S. outside Chicago.

Two boxers in a tournament bout


Tom Suddes would start his boxing tenure in the late 60’s being “tutored” by John McGrath in the Finals as a freshman. After a stint in the service, Tom would return to Notre Dame to assist Nappy in running the Bengal Bouts, while his “day job” was traveling around the country for the University’s Development Office.

In 1967 Nappy would introduce the last Bengal Bout Finals held in the Old Field House. The new Boxing Room and the Tournament would be held in the Athletic and Convocation Center (ACC).