To make an online donation to the 92nd Annual Bengal Bouts Tournament using a credit card, please click here to access the online donation page.

Note: If you are making a donation in support of a participating boxer, please select the boxer’s name from the “Boxers” tab before donating, in order for your donation to count towards that boxer’s fundraising goal.

If you would like to reserve ad space in this year’s Bengal Bouts Tournament, you can now also submit payment online via credit card through the online donation page. Please follow the steps below:

–Fill out the second page of this form including the size of your advertisement (full, half-page, quarter-page) and name of the ad file.

–If you are submitting an advertisement in support of a participating boxer, please include their name on the form.

–Visit the online donation page and submit your payment by clicking the “Make a Gift” button.

–Forward your payment confirmation, along with your attached AD form and AD file to



To reserve ad space in this year’s program or to make a donation using cash, check, or a Notre Dame FOPAL number, please download the physical forms here. If you are submitting a donation or an advertisement in support of a participating boxer, please include their name on the form.

Forms, payments, and advertisements can be mailed to:

University of Notre Dame, Attn: Bengal Bouts
319 Duncan Student Center
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556


Please submit AD files via email to Questions? Contact Us.   —————————————————————————————————————————


Every year the Bengal Bouts publishes a program that is viewed by thousands of people during the evening of the finals. Whether they advertise businesses, academic departments on campus, or boxing participants, ads are an opportunity to present information to students, faculty, families, Notre Dame alumni, and the local community alike. All proceeds from advertisements and patrons benefit the Holy Cross Missions in Bangladesh and their various education and health care initiatives. The Congregation of Holy Cross in Bangladesh focuses significant efforts on impoverished tribal communities, victimized minorities, to provide schooling, technical training, and health care. The Priests, Brothers, and Sisters work tirelessly to provide these tribal peoples with the tools to fight back against poverty and injustice by equipping them with an education. A little goes a long way in Bangladesh. According to reports by the Holy Cross Mission Center, $100 will pay for the training of a teacher for one year and $50 is enough to pay the salary of this teacher for a month. A donation of $150 will pay for a boarding student to live and eat at the parish for a year while receiving an education. $500 is equivalent to the cost of running one fully serviced medical center for one year. To learn more about how much donations help the Missions, please visit our Price Guide.  —————————————————————————————————————————