The People of Bangladesh

The Garos, or Mandi tribes are a gentle comunity isolated from the rest of the nation by their lush and forested jungle homeland. In the predominately Muslim country of Bangladesh, this is a matrilineal society where the women own the family land and pass on the family name. For the past 50 years, they have been in the company of The Holy Cross Mission whose purpose has been giving the tribal people opportunities to flourish both culturally, economically and spiritually.

The Holy Cross Foreign Mission Center, Inc. is a 501c3 charitable organization, whose work to provide funds and other support and assistance for overseas missions of the Congregation of Holy Cross, particularly in Bangladesh and East Africa.

The Holy Cross Mission based in Pirgacha, Bangladesh was founded by Michigan-born Father Eugene Homrich in 1960. Today there are about 8,000 Catholics in Pirgacha mission that the parish serves. About 1700 pupils study in 24 primary schools, another 550 attend High School. Today the tribal literacy rates stands at 85 percent, and many of them have graduated from college.

Education has transformed this traditional society and allowed them to thrive in a very unique environment. Supporting the programs of The Holy Cross Mission in Pirgacha is essential to the safety, survival and growth of the tribal people.

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